Racial Justice

In response to increased media reports of anti-Black racism in Canada and the US as well as local everyday  community experiences of anti-Blackness, ACWI is supporting racial justice efforts in the Waterloo Region.  We are facilitating sharing circles, healing circles, and co-organizing a Waterloo Region Racial Justice Network

Current Circles/Initiatives:

Fall Faith and Racial Justice Circles: Hosted each Fall at 22 Willow (Elevation Church) where we process complicity, explore intersections of faith, spirituality and race and engage in wayfinding practices towards allyship and recovery.

Racial Justice Network: A developing collective of Black practitioners, leaders, academics and representatives from local ACB communities engaging in conversations and responding to community concerns on anti-Black systemic racism in the Waterloo Region.  Currently we are engaged in advocacy in areas of education with the Waterloo Region District School Board and criminal justice.

Public Talks and Presentations:  Throughout the year we welcome opportunities to participate in events focused on racial justice issues by offering workshops, public talks and presentations.

We also support ongoing organizing efforts for direct action by other KW  based anti-racist groups.

Please connect directly with our Racial Justice Practitioner, Fanis Juma Radstake at info@africancommunitywellness.org if you wish to connect with our groups or need more information.